[Loadstone] Route mode becomes checkpoints on/off

Rob Melchers rmpro at planet.nl
Sat Sep 16 13:20:40 BST 2006

Hi all,

After you have installed V063 of Loadstone GPS you will notice, that 
''Route Mode on/off' has been replaced by 'Checkpoints on/off'. Except for 
the change of name, nothing has changed. We just decided, that 'Route Mode' 
didn't describe what this does.

A route is a subset of chained points. The order in wich Loadstone should 
announce these points is determined by the order in which a user has 
entered these points. What Loadstone does at the moment is set aside a 
subset of points and calculates the shortest distance between points. In 
most cases this will result in a route, but in certain cases this will 
introduce mistakes.

So we changed 'Marking a Point' in 'Checking a Point'. This results in 
'Checkpoints', which can be saved just the same way as before. This has 
been described in the Getting Started Manual at:
under the heading 'Creating a GPS environment'.

The eventually introduced mistakes are described under 'The 

Best regards,

Rob Melchers

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