[Loadstone] repost: Area exporter testing

Shane shane at cm.nu
Fri Sep 15 03:01:37 BST 2006

Someone pointed out to me that my previous post was rather
unintelligible.  Aparently, my spellchecker decided to have
a little fun so here's a resend of the instructions.


This will be most useful to those living or travelling to
Canada or the U.S.  If you are living elsewhere and know
where we can find a hierarchical dataset of polygons for
your location, please let me know but for now, this
probably won't be very useful to those outside north

There is a new exporter available for testing which is
based on political boundaries rather than a focal point. 
It is not yet linked into the pointshare site so you will
need to follow this link.

The script is written in Javascript and uses AJAX calls.  I
am an expert in neither technology so would appreciate any
usability patches from those more familiar with such

Simply drill-down through the select boxes to your location
and add one or more areas.  You must add areas on the
lowest level available; otherwise, the add button will be
greyed out.  For example, if you lived in Calgary, you
can't just add Alberta as the resultant export would be too
big.  Just select Alberta and add Calgary, Edmonton et al

Of course, you still need to keep in mind the resource
limitations of the phone so you want to keep the export
size within reason.

One tip for jaws users.  It's faster to open the select
box, select the entry and close it again.  Use
alt-down arrow on the box, select your item and alt-up to close the
box.  Not sure how other screen readers handle this.

Feedback always appreciated,


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