[Loadstone] Marking POI - problem

Kevin Schweikert kevins7 at chartermi.net
Wed Sep 13 04:39:52 BST 2006

I have 0.62.
The laugh is on me.  I was confused with the data base, and point lists.  If 
I would have named my root file default instead of club I would have been 
The one thing I don't understand is the logic of the keys in exploration 
mode.  For example I have a point called my house.  When I first go in to 
exploration mode, the point comes up.  I push the select key, and it says my 
house.  Then I press the 5 key, and it says my house.  I wish to mark this 
point, and so I press the star key, and nothing happens.  If I go in to the 
options, and select fine point, and ask for my house it will find it, and I 
say yes when asked, then I can mark the point.
I also don't understand, when in exploration mode what directions the keys 
move in.  I moved a while back and am not real sure of the streets right 
around me.  I have played and played in this mode to try and figure out the 
logic, but I fail.
Hope I make sense here.  Thanks for all the hard work that goes in to this 
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> Hello,
> Can you please compare the version number of Loadstone you have installed
> on to your phone with the latest version documented on the main Loadstone
> web site page.  Earlier versions of Loadstone had a problem marking
> certain points and you may be experiencing this problem.
> It is important to always have the latest version installed when seeking
> support via this list.  This is because problems and bugs get sorted out
> quite quickly at times and it can be difficult to keep up with various
> versions and their associated issues.
> There seams to be quite a bit of confusion relating to "Marked Point
> Lists", Route Modes and routes in general.  We are rapidly working to
> improve the sources of confusion by improving  the language the program
> and associated documentation uses.
> At this time there are two ways to delete a point you have saved in a
> "Poit List".  (some people refer to a "Point List" as a "Route")
> 1.  Virtually move to the desired point in Exploration mode via keys 1-9
> and choose Options/Functions/DeletePoint.  Please note, this will remove
> the point from  your database.  The second way would be to manually edit
> your points list file in an editor on your computer.
> As for moving a point inside a Point List, this isn't necessary as a
> Points List isn't an ordered list of points but rather a mini collection
> of points from your database.  This means that you do not have to start a
> route at the first point and follow it sequentially to the last point.
> You can start or stop the route at any point along the way from any angle.
> This is why the order of points does not matter in terms of how Loadstone
> looks at it.
> You can add more points to an already existing Point list file.  Just mark
> desired points in exploration mode and go to Options/File/SavePointList.
> It will add to the file you save to.
> Best regards,
>   Monty
>  On Mon, 11 Sep 2006, [iso-8859-2] Przemys?aw Rogalski wrote:
>> Hi folks!
>> Shall anyone help me with creating a route in Loadstone?
>> I've read the documentation, but the instruction doesn't work for unknown 
>> reason.
>> First I was trying to add some existing points to the route, by using 
>> "Find point" function and by virtual cursor (keys 1-9) as well, but 
>> whenever I press the star key, the Loadstone says "unmarked"; 
>> surprisingly there appears an option "delete point", but "clear marked 
>> points", "route mode" or "save point list" option is not available. What 
>> should I do then to mark a point and create a route?
>> By the way: is it possible in Loadstone to modify an existing route from 
>> the level of the program?  I mean deleting a particular point, moving a 
>> point to a different place of a route or adding a point (the new or 
>> existing one) somewhere inside?
>> Thanks for any suggestion and information.
>> Regards!
>> Przemyslaw
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