[Loadstone] To Monty, Shawn, etc.

Monty Lilburn monty at loadstone-gps.com
Tue Sep 12 23:03:40 BST 2006

Hi Aedan,

We are working on making the program more user friendly and I can 
understand  your confusion as the menu items do sometimes  differ from
conventions  found on the phone.  I guess we were just trying to get the 
thing ready willing and able first but we are now able to make other 
improvements  over time and it is very useful to have feedback from 
yourself and others so we can keep making this better and better.

I am working on an interactive feature request / bug tracking tool which 
will allow interested people to  submit and monitor features and bugs.  It 
should be ready soon.  A new release should be up within a couple of days 
as well!

Also, thanks for posting a beginners guide to the mailing list funnily 
enough a manual is currently being written and should be on the web site 

We really appreciate the efforts many of you are going to whether it is 
language translation, documentation writing, program porting or just 
belonging to the community and providing valuable feedback .

Thanks and best regards,

On Tue, 12 Sep 2006, Aedan O'Meara wrote:

> Hi all,
> Yes, Monty, it appears that I was quite mixed up about what mode I was
> in last week. My fully sighted son explained to me that when I thought I
> was in Exploration mode I was in fact in Navigation mode.
> If I might explain:
> Under your functions sub menu, you are indicating the state of each
> option that one may select rather than the current state of that mode.
> In other software on this phone, Nokia 6680, I am used to these options
> stating what mode they are currently in. I think this is why so many are
> confused with this fine package.
> I am now making routes without any difficulty and while it took a little
> getting used to, cruising around with the number keys 1-9, I am very
> impressed with the amount of work you all have put into this package.
> I placed a beginners guide on this list last Saturday night to help
> others avoid the pitfalls that I met. Feel free to use it any way you
> want.
> Regards and thanks to all for all the hard work.
> Aedan O'Meara.
> Cork
> Ireland.
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