[Loadstone] Marking POI - problem

Monty Lilburn monty at loadstone-gps.com
Mon Sep 11 22:13:41 BST 2006


Can you please compare the version number of Loadstone you have installed
on to your phone with the latest version documented on the main Loadstone 
web site page.  Earlier versions of Loadstone had a problem marking 
certain points and you may be experiencing this problem.

It is important to always have the latest version installed when seeking 
support via this list.  This is because problems and bugs get sorted out 
quite quickly at times and it can be difficult to keep up with various 
versions and their associated issues.

There seams to be quite a bit of confusion relating to "Marked Point 
Lists", Route Modes and routes in general.  We are rappidly working to 
improve the sources of confusion by improving  the language the program 
and associated documentation uses.

At this time there are two ways to delete a point you have saved in a 
"Poit List".  (some people refer to a "Point List" as a "Route")

1.  Virtually move to the desired point in Exploration mode via keys 1-9 
and choose Options/Functions/DeletePoint.  Please note, this will remove 
the point from  your database.  The second way would be to manually edit 
your points list file in an editor on your computer.

As for moving a point inside a Point List, this isn't necessary as a 
Points List isn't an ordered list of points but rather a mini collection 
of points from your database.  This means that you do not have to start a 
route at the first point and follow it sequentially to the last point. 
You can start or stop the route at any point along the way from any angle. 
This is why the order of points does not matter in terms of how Loadstone 
looks at it.

You can add more points to an already existing Point list file.  Just mark 
desired points in exploration mode and go to Options/File/SavePointList. 
It will add to the file you save to.

Best regards,

  On Mon, 11 Sep 2006, [iso-8859-2] Przemys?aw Rogalski wrote:

> Hi folks!
> Shall anyone help me with creating a route in Loadstone?
> I've read the documentation, but the instruction doesn't work for unknown reason.
> First I was trying to add some existing points to the route, by using "Find point" function and by virtual cursor (keys 1-9) as well, but whenever I press the star key, the Loadstone says "unmarked"; surprisingly there appears an option "delete point", but "clear marked points", "route mode" or "save point list" option is not available. What should I do then to mark a point and create a route?
> By the way: is it possible in Loadstone to modify an existing route from the level of the program?  I mean deleting a particular point, moving a point to a different place of a route or adding a point (the new or existing one) somewhere inside?
> Thanks for any suggestion and information.
> Regards!
> Przemyslaw
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