[Loadstone] Thanks Shawn, Monty et al

Aedan O'Meara aomeara at IOL.IE
Sat Sep 9 14:54:13 BST 2006

Hi lads,
Thanks to all, but I think I have now worked out most of the functions. The
blank wall that met me as a totally blind user was creating marked points.
Also Monty referred to a "Find point" setting under "exploration" mode when
in fact this only appears in "Navigation" mode. Once I twigged this I was
able to follow the instructions given to someone else on how to mark and
edit a given point. As you said, Shawn, once you mark a point you are given
route mode and can save your marked list under "save point list"
I got this sorted just before leaving work yesterday at 5pm here. I was
startled to hear my phone suddenly going"beep, beep, beep you are
approaching blah blah". The fact you can set the distance from the point
that this alarm goes off will be very useful for those on a train who might
be at the front of the train one day but a couple of hundred meters to the
back of the train the next day.
My opinion now that I got over the blank wall is that this is a fab piece of
work. I am very impressed with the info on all the keys in exploration mode
and how one can cruise about the points recorded in navigation mode even
without the sat reciever turned on. If you wish I would like to type up a
beginners guide to getting started with this program.
Again sincere thanks to all concerned in  this program. It has even made me
purchase a more sensitive Holux model 236 sat reciever to improve the
situation as the rx I purchased from Wayfinder is half deaf! On a test with
a friends Holux 236 last night, his was reporting 6 sats when my one was out
of signal! At best I had 3 sats when he had 6.
Regards and thanks to all concerned

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