[Loadstone] Wildly Off-Topic Question

Michael O. Hanson mhanson at winternet.com
Sat Sep 9 13:01:04 BST 2006

Please accept my apologies for a wildly off-topic question.  I posted it 
again because I did not get an answer in the last digest.  I am not trying 
to bother anybody.  I am just looking for an answer.

I need to ask a
question about Wayfinder.  I know at least one list member uses Wayfinder.
It seems like a good complement to Loadstone.

I have a Nokia 6682.  My service provider is t-mobile.  I use mobile speak.

Wayfinder keeps telling me it cannot connect to an internet access point.  I
use t-zones.  T-zones works on my phone and is set up as the internet access
point in Wayfinder.  Does anybody know what's going on and what I can do
about it?  Does anybody have any ideas, thoughts or guesses?

I have talked to T-mobile.  They sent me the settings to make my phone work
with T-zones.  They have no idea what to do about Wayfinder.

I have an email into Wayfinder.  I have not heard back from them at this

Thank You,

Mike Hanson

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