[Loadstone] Hi Monty, are we using the same program?

Aedan O'Meara aomeara at iol.ie
Fri Sep 8 14:51:29 BST 2006

Hi Monty,
I don't know what program you are using but the one I downloaded doesn't
have a "define point"option under exploration mode. Furthrmore it only
offers me a save option under "Enter point" option under Exploration
I am still puzzled as to how I "Move myself virtually to the point I
want to edit" as you describe. 
Keys 1 and 9 give me no information as you describe.
Secondly, I have read your documentation on making routes several times
and nowhere can I start doing this as there is no obvious start in this
procedure. It refers to going into "route mode". Nowhere am I offered
this under any menu.
Equally, I can see no way to make points lists. 
Furthermore, I exported your database to an ascii file and using my
flash card reader on my PC I edited this file. Do you think that I could
re-import it into the database? Of course not! I will now try deleting
your database file and then re-import the ascii file and hopefully it
will make a new database file of it. 
I also tried to load under your "load points list" but this just crashed
the program out to the phone menu. 
I am using a Nokia 6680 with 512 mem card. 
I am using computers since 1984 and have written several projects in
visual basic, no small feat for a totally blind person, but I have never
met a piece of software that is so obscure as this. It is not very
sensible to make it so difficult to mark and have a point announced in
advance, please remember that very few blind people are computer
programmers and are generally average punters when it comes to using
your software. 
You might look at that ingenious package "minigps" which comes with
Talks. They make editing and creating lists so easy. 
As I said yesterday, your package is engineering wise exactly what I
want if only I could drive 
Still trying,

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