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In order to have Loadstone automatically announce when you are approaching 
a point, you must "mark" the point in question.  You can accomplish this 
by virtually moving to the point while in Exploration mode and pressing 
the asterisk key on your phone.  Unless you save your Marked point (or 
points) via the Options/File/Save_points option the auto-announcements 
will only work for your current session.

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On Thu, 7 Sep 2006, Michael O. Hanson wrote:

> If I am in navigation mode, will Loadstone announce points as I approach
> them or do I need to create routes for that to happen?  How do I get
> Loadstone to tell me about points I am approaching?
> Please pardon questions probably available in the documentation.  I just got
> a phone I can use with loadstone, Mobile Speak and Loadstone.  Between all
> of the above, it makes for a steep learning curve at the moment.
> The documentation refers to text files written for Loadstone.  Will
> Loadstone work with text files written not specifically for Loadstone?
> How many databases can I have on Loadstone?  I ask this question because I
> expect to travel to Washington, DC next week.  I do not live there.  I would
> like to possibly import a database for that city while I am there and then
> get rid of it once I leave.  How would I do that?
> Loadstone seems like a good product.  I am currently unemployed.  If
> Loadstone works as well as it appears to, you may expect a donation when I
> become employed.  For once, I have more to go on than dead reckoning when I
> travel independently!
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