[Loadstone] Question

Michael O. Hanson mhanson at winternet.com
Fri Sep 8 00:56:48 BST 2006

If I am in navigation mode, will Loadstone announce points as I approach 
them or do I need to create routes for that to happen?  How do I get 
Loadstone to tell me about points I am approaching?

Please pardon questions probably available in the documentation.  I just got 
a phone I can use with loadstone, Mobile Speak and Loadstone.  Between all 
of the above, it makes for a steep learning curve at the moment.

The documentation refers to text files written for Loadstone.  Will 
Loadstone work with text files written not specifically for Loadstone?

How many databases can I have on Loadstone?  I ask this question because I 
expect to travel to Washington, DC next week.  I do not live there.  I would 
like to possibly import a database for that city while I am there and then 
get rid of it once I leave.  How would I do that?

Loadstone seems like a good product.  I am currently unemployed.  If 
Loadstone works as well as it appears to, you may expect a donation when I 
become employed.  For once, I have more to go on than dead reckoning when I 
travel independently! 

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