[Loadstone] Pointslists, routes and databases.

Monty Lilburn monty at loadstone-gps.com
Wed Sep 6 14:41:40 BST 2006

Hello Rob,

I will take full responsibility for the documentation not quite being up 
to scratch.  It was written in a big hurry to help people get started  and 
the fact that it relates to a fairly technical subject matter doesn't help 
much either!

What I can do is answer your questions and when I have a chance try and 
explain these topics better in the docs.  I definitely  welcome your offer 
to contribute to the documentation as well.  Hopefully others will 
consider too.

Now, regarding your questions...

Q. The difference between a pointslist, a marked pointslist and a 

A database is a colection of records.  In this case each record is made up 
of text fields that contain values relating to a geographical location. 
Some of these fields (or values) include: textual points label, 
decimal-longitude, decimal-latitude, number_of_satelites in view, point 
owner, and unique ID number.

When you use something like the PointShare web site to generate an 
export.txt file you affectively have a database in ASCII (or human 
readable) form.  (you could also create the text file by hand or from 
other sources if you follow the formatting rules)  Once you have the 
database in text form (E.G export.txt) you can import it into Loadstone on 
your phone.  Loadstone reads the text file and converts it into a 
machine-readable database  that humans are no longer able to read.

Point Lists and Marked Point Lists are really the same thing.  They are a 
subset of records from the machine-readable database that are used to flag 
up important locations.  Each of these records (or points) can be 
associated to one another essentially creating a route.  Point Lists are 
in ASCII text format which is human readable.

Q.  What is the difference between Importing and Loading?

Importing is the practice of taking an ASCII text file of points and 
converting it to a machine readable Loadstone database.  If you import a 
text file containing points into a preexisting database then it will 
indeed add the points to the same database.

The practice of Loading will load a Loadstone database from the Phone's 
disk to memory which will then make it usable by Loadstone.

The Autoannounce feature will indeed only announce your proxcimity to the 
closest or next logical marked point  rather than any point stored in the 

I hope I've answered your questions.  If I haven't or if I can make 
anything clearer please ask as this will benefit everyone.

Best regards,

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