[Loadstone] Pointslists, routes and databases.

Rob Melchers rmpro at planet.nl
Wed Sep 6 12:52:51 BST 2006

Hi all,

There used to be a time when I understood things, nbut that time has long 
passed. Here I am, looking at pointslists, marked pointslists, routes and 
databases which I can download, create, import, load, export, use and 
delete. Menu items seem to pop up and disappear randomly and changing modes 
makes it even more complicated.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm sure, that once I've figured it out I'll go and 
say: "That wasn't too bad, now was it." But until that day I could use some 
help in cleaning up the mess in this old brain.

So can somebody please explain:

1. The difference between a pointslist, a marked pointslist and a database? 
Isn't a pointslist not a collection of records, containing X and Y 
coordinates and the accompanying data such as street, state, country, zip 
code, date of collapse of building, etc.? And isn't a database a collection 
of such records?

2. What is the difference between importing and loading the above 
creatures? Does importing a database in fact mean obtaining some more 
points and adding them to the existing records in the database?

3. Am I correct in assuming, that a marked pointslist cannot reside in the 
database as such? Or, in other words, is a marked pointslist in fact a 
route that needs to be stored seperatly?

4. Is it true, that in navigation mode a user has to query the database 
(ask something) to get information and auto announce only works with marked 
points or therefore routes, which are in facts saved marked pointslists?

If all the above starts making sense, I could start to help out by getting 
this information in the documentation in an understandable way. Because 
this project deserves nothing better than the best documentation, so that 
also the none-geeky part of this planets population can start finding the 
supermarket. I'd gladly contribute to that cause.

Rob (56 and getting older)

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