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Quinten Pendle pendlepro at isat.co.za
Tue Sep 5 12:45:04 BST 2006

Hi all
I still haven't given up completely with regard to trying to compile
loadstone for series 80 phones.
As I said before though, I have a very, very limited programming
knowledge, left alone c++.
I do have the right sdk for series 80 phones that is needed though.
I passe the source code for Loadstone on to a friend of mine who is more
clued up on c++.
He just needs to know which file is the main file, so that we can build
a project around it.
Please let me know, as I'm going on a tour this weekend, and would love
to try out loadstone if at all possible.
If I'm successful, I'll be able to submit a couple of viewpoints or the
like from South Africa after I return.
Best regards
Quinten Pendle
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