[Loadstone] Loadstone VS Wayfinder - was: OT: Re: connecting gps receiver for wayfinder

Monty Lilburn monty at loadstone-gps.com
Thu Oct 26 12:20:21 BST 2006

Hello Suzanne,

Hopefully I can help you clear up your confusion regarding Loadstone and 
other GPS software packages such as Way finder.

Let me preface by saying that I do not use WayFinder nor have I ever used 

A GPS system needs  two components to work.  A GPS receiver and a software 
package.  There are many GPS receivers on the market as well as many 
software packages.  Every GPS receiver's job is to report its current 
location on Earth, and every software package's job is to interpret the 
location information from the GPS receiver.  All GPS receivers aren't 
compatible with all software packages, and each have many distinguishing 
features and functionality that set them apart from each other.

Think of the screen readers JAWS and Window-eyes.  They are both screen 
readers that interpret what is on the screen and translate that 
information to speech.  Although their primary function is the same, they 
each have there own way of reaching that goal.  Different commands, 
functions, features Etc.  You can even have them both installed on the 
same computer which will work fine as long as you do not try and run both 
at the same time!

Well, there are many GPS software packages  as well: Loadstone, Wayfinder, 
BrailleNote GPS, Trekker and several others targeted at sighted users. 
Each software package does things a little differently, they have 
different features/functions, they run on different platforms, they cost 
different amounts to own and operate!

To address your questions and statements regarding Loadstone and Wayfinder 

They both Use Longitude and Latitude information provided by a GPS 

Wayfinder uses your phone's mobile internet connection (if available) to 
retrieve map data that it can reference with the current longitude and 
latitude.  Loadstone does not currently use the internet to retrieve data. 
Instead, it stores information in  databases saved on your phone that are 
used to cross-reference with the current location information from the GPS 

Loadstone definitely lets you save Points of Interest.  I am not sure what 
Wayfinder does or doesn't do in this regard.

Loadstone and Wayfinder do not work together and you would not "sync up" 
the two software packages.

You asked about differences.  I'll mention a few but perhaps someone who 
has used both packages may be able to correct be or expand.

The main difference between Loadstone and Wayfinder is that Loadstone is 
free and open-source whereas Wayfinder and most other GPS software 
packages are not!

I understand Wayfinder has a route-planning feature  and Loadstone 
currently does not.

Wayfinder relies on you having Internet access on your phone (which can be 
costly) and Loadstone does not.

Wayfinder likely has better (more complete) mapping data than Loadstone 
though this of course depends where in the world you are using each 

I would strongly recommend you read the "Getting Started Manual" located 
on the Loadstone web site's Documentation page.

Best regards,

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