[Loadstone] process for suing loadstone

Rusty Perez rustys.lists at gmail.com
Tue Oct 24 08:01:55 BST 2006

Hi folks,
OK, so I've got loadstone and my gps receiver working well. I've
downloaded and imported a bunch of waypoints or pois in to my phone.
As I travel around, I'm able to hear which intersections are near by,
but loadstone does not automatically say anything.
This evening loadstone was already helpful. As I was riding in a
friends car we had to circumnavigate a closed freeway offramp. I was
able to find our way home from an unfamiliar offramp using loadstone
just by doing a position quiry with the select key.
But, what's the best way to use loadstone? Suppose I'm going to an
unfamiliar place. Could some one please describe a useful method for
using loadstone to reach an unfamiliar place if I am not familiar with
the rout?


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