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Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Wed Oct 18 13:49:58 BST 2006

Hi Mike,

These programs are programs that convert navigational data from one format 
to another. Just like people, navigational applications don't understand 
each other, so an interpreter is needed. EasyGPS is an example. It can 
convert between Brunton, Cobra, Eagle, Garmin, Lowrance and Magellan made 
applications. For Loadstone-GPS we need to convert the data ourselves. With 
a lot of patience you can use Notepad to convert a ASCII file to the 
Loadstone-GPS format, using the replace option. Making a PERL or PHP script 
with replace-like functions makes the job a lot easier. Of course you must 
be able to run PERL or PHP scripts on your computer. A simple program that 
gives you a PERL and PHP environment as well as a private web server is 
MicroWeb, that can be downloaded for free. Just do a Google search for 
Microweb and you should be able to find it.



At 10/18/2006, you wrote:
>Some of you mentioned programs that convert GPS data from other file formats
>to text files.  What are these programs and where can I find them?
>Thank You,
>Mike Hanson
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