[Loadstone] Newby "before I begin" questions

Rusty Perez rustys.lists at gmail.com
Fri Oct 13 21:50:15 BST 2006

Hi folks,
I heard about loadstone two days ago. I bought a gps receiver this
morning and I'm waiting, with Nokia 6682 in hand, for it to arive at
my doorstep.
OK, so I haven't installed the software just yet, but I'm excited!!!
I was tempted by wayfinder a few months back, but i wasn't certain
that it would work. Now I've heard of folks using wayfinder, and with
the discovery of loadstone, I'm asured that something will work.

Now the questions.

It sounds like, as with a guide dog, loadstone requires the user to
know where he or she is going before loadstone can get them there.

Here's what I mean. From what I gather, in the US I can load a points
file in, but before loadstone will tell me anything as aI travel,, I
need to mark out a root. Is this correct? So, is loadstone's primary
function to give me confirmation that I am headed in the right
direction, or can I give it two points, starting and stopping, and
have it create a root and tell me where to go?

Also, how do loadstone and wayfinder differ? I know that wayfinder
automatically downloads map info, other than this, how do they differ?

One final question, can loadstone distinguish between types of points?
Can it tell me, for example, the closest restaurants?

thanks so much for any help!


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