[Loadstone] An ausom web site for loadstone users

Brett brett06 at tpg.com.au
Tue Oct 10 21:53:47 BST 2006

Hi all, 

Since there are no data available for Australia on the point share
exchange yet, I have been trying to find either maps that I can use or
modify with loadstone, or a way to find coordinates of places you
haven't yet been.

I have found the following site which will give you long lat
coordinates, if you know the street address of the place where you are
wanting to go. Yesterday I had to do some training with a client at his
school, I had never been there before, I looked up the street address on
the following site and then looked up the street address of the nearest
train station. I was then able to get from the train station to the
school with out to much difficulty. This is where loadstone is really
fantastic, as with out loadstone I couldn't have done this as it was an
area I am not familia with. 

The coordinates that the following site returned for the school and the
train station were both with in 35 meters, so is accurate enough to find
a point you haven't yet been too.

The site to check out is:

One question, the long and lat values you get from this site have more
numbers than you can enter in to the lat and long fields in loadstone.
If increasing the amount of numbers that can be entered in to these
fields will increase accuracy, will it be considered in future versions
of Loadstone?

Hope this helps,

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