[Loadstone] question about saving and loading checkpoints

Miranda miranda.woudstra at wanadoo.nl
Tue Oct 10 14:25:08 BST 2006

Hi Rob,

Thank you very much for your answer.
Do I understand right that you mean I should just set my phone to another 
input language, e.g. English? You don't mean I have to change anything in 
the settings of my Mobile Speak?

Kind regards,

Rob Melchers wrote:
>> Hi Miranda,
>> Looks like you aren't doing anything wrong. There is however a
>> language related issue that will be resolved in  the next update. If
>> your phone is set to Dutch as reading and writing this might cause
>> the problem. For the moment, try to switch to another language if
>> possible.
>> The order in wich you enter checkpoints does not (yet) matter.
>> Best regards,
>> Rob (also from the Netherlands)
>> At 10/10/2006, you wrote:
>>> Hello all,
>>> I'm entirely new to Loadstone, so I apologize in advance if my
>>> questions sound ignorant or if this matter was already discussed
>>> here earlier.
>>> I have some trouble with checkpoints. I am able to create them and
>>> then save them to a file. And, after loading that file again later,
>>> I do have the menu options concerning checkpoints in the functions
>>> menu, such as "use checkpoints". However, in exploration mode,
>>> Loadstone doesn't mention them as "checked", like it does with
>>> newly created checkpoints, and it doesn't warn me when approaching
>>> one of them in navigation mode.
>>> If I then "check" the points again by hand, everything works again
>>> as it should. But I don't suppose it should be necessary to "check"
>>> points again after loading them from a file of saved checkpoints.
>>> Does anybody recognize this problem, or is it perhaps just that I do
>>> something wrong?
>>> Any help would be much appreciated.
>>> By the way, does it matter in which order checkpoints are created?
>>> Do you have to create them in the same order as you pass them on
>>> your route?
>>> Thanks in advance,
>>> Miranda (from the Netherlands).
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