[Loadstone] Holux and Loadstone.

Aedan O'Meara aomeara at iol.ie
Tue Oct 10 12:51:42 BST 2006

Hi team,
Further to my last message re loss of function after getting off the
bus, I have noticed that my Holux 236 will not give me my walking speed
unless I am doing more than 4 kph. As I have to walk uphill from the bus
stop in the direction that the bus has just come to my next point to
turn right by a green, I assume the delay in tracking me is due to this.
Halfway up the green talks sparks into life again and reports my
distance to the next corner of the green correctly. 
Because of the fact that all points in a wide circle of interest get
reported as being "approached" at the bus terminus including the one
that I have to backtrack to to turn right at the green, I wonder if this
is why Loadstone has lost interest in this point?
Again, if we could make a route of sequential points I would not include
this "Turn right" point until after I had got off the bus. So, I wonder
if there has been any progress in providing this function?
Finally, I now have got my brother and a friend of his into the group of
users of Loadstone and they are now using the Holux 236 and Loadstone in
the Dublin area with great success. 
We are all finding one more problem - if the GPS is turned off while
Loadstone is running and then turned on again, the number of satellites
seen is reported but the message "no signal" 
is also reported and no navigation is possible. We find that it is
necessary to exit Loadstone or even turn the phone off and on again to
get back a proper functioning of the link to the GPS. Any thoughts?
Aedan O'Meara
Cork, Ireland. 

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