[Loadstone] Errors when trying to upload to PointShare exchange

Brett brett06 at tpg.com.au
Tue Oct 10 12:37:34 BST 2006

Hi all,

I was just trying to import my database to PointShare to help grow the
list of points. However, I am getting errors.

Here are the steps I did.
1. in loadstone,, from the "Export" submenu, chose "export personal
2. Copied the file from the "import export" directory on my phone to the
3 . Logged in to the PointShare web site and chose the "importer" link.
4. Clicked the brows button and browsed to the Loadstone file I just
copied to My PC, then clicked the "submit" button.
5. On the following page that appeared, it showed the results of the
import and this is a small part of what I got. 

The following are results of your import.
list of 304 items
. i: (1) Processing table point 
. w: (3) Permission denied for import of userid 63714 
. w: (4) Permission denied for import of userid 63714 

When viewing what was uploaded, only two points showed, both just said
intersection. I have no points at all including the word intersection.

Any ideas on what's happening here and how I can get a successful
upload, so hopefully others can benefit from these points.


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