[Loadstone] Re Holux problem.

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Sun Oct 1 01:39:12 BST 2006

It sounds like you may have some bluetooth issues with your phone. Are there 
any firmware updates available for your phone? It seems like bluetooth 
glitches are quite common for some reason. If both loadstone and wayfinder 
require a reboot after receiving a call then that seems to point to a 
problem with the phone. If there is a new firmware for it you can update it 
yourself now that nokia has released the tool to do it. All you need is the 
data cable to connect the phone to your pc. I don't remember the url for the 
upgrade tool but a google search should give you something.
I haven't found anything in loadstone that would account for the gps signal 
just stopping like that. This wouldn't have to do with static navigation 
mode on the receiver, even with that turned on you'd still get a signal. One 
possible thing to try when this happens is to exit loadstone, wait for 
around 30 seconds or so and start it again. This gives the connection time 
to really disconnect since it seems to hang around for a few seconds after 
the program closes.
There could be some problem with your receiver too. Maybe do a bit of 
googling and see if anyone else has reported any bluetooth trouble with that 
unit. If so there may be a firmware upgrade available.

On Sat, 30 Sep 2006, Aedan O'Meara wrote:

> Hi Shawn,
> To be precise there seems to be two different problems.
> 1. Coming home on the bus last night, Loadstone was calling out my progress
> along the route fine. I had the autoannounce function turned off, so it was
> only calling out the "approaching blah blah" message as I approached each
> checked point.
> When I got off the bus it went totally silent. It was as though the gps had
> stopped sending. Yet there was no "no signal " message So I killed the
> program and reloaded Loadstone and my route file with no improvement. In the
> end I had to reboot the phone and then Loadstone showed that the gps was
> seeing 10 sats and started reporting my position correctly.
> 2. Sometimes after this sort of freeze up I do get the "no signal" message
> from loadstone and yet after rebooting the phone and bringing up loadstone
> again and loading in my route again, all is well and in the meantime I would
> not have touched the gps rx.
> In this circumstances I would only have gotten the "no signal" message,
> never the "Your gps clock has stopped ticking" and the battery in the GPS is
> fully charged.
> I wonder if the comment by Rob in the last digest is relevant to this
> problem. Is there a shupdown in the Holux after a stationary period, which
> there would have been in the process of getting off the bus last night?
> Against this theory is that there was no recovery in over 100 meters of
> onward movement.
> I would also have noticed that after any other use of the phone such as
> receiving a text message or particularly after getting a voice call, it is
> mandatory to reboot the phone in order for Loadstone or Wayfinder to work
> properly. I presume this is a memory issue. Some parts of memory don't seem
> to be released properly.( only my theory)
> Regards
> Aedan.
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