[Loadstone] Advice needed for SN changing on Holux slim 236

Aedan O'Meara aomeara at IOL.IE
Thu Nov 30 00:30:04 GMT 2006

Hi Rob and list,
Got that package Rob. Manythanks. However, in spite of being very patient
and waiting for my friend with "working eyes" to assist with  the SIRFdemo
software we successfully screwed it up!
Of course, the friend had no time to read the tutorial. After studying this
lenghthy document I can see where we went wrong.
1. Firstly, has anyone on this list successfully changed the static
navigation setting on their Holux slim 236 gps? and if so then how did you
do it?
2. It seems that the bluetooth baud rate is fixed at 38,400 but when you
change from nmea mode to sirf binary mode the sirfdemo program sends a baud
switch to the gps instantly changing it to 57,600 baud even though you set
it to 38,400 before sending, whereupon the GPS can no longer talk to the PC
as the bluetooth is fixed at 38,400 baud. Seemingly some gps receivers block
this behaviour but not our Holux. So, after lenghty reading I have come to
the conclusion that a USB cable is the only answer to this dilemma.
Interestingly enough after restoring the gps successfully it is giving
perfect data in Hyperterminal at 2,400 baud!. It is working perfectly in
Loadstone as well again. I give up!
However, if anyone has succeeded in performing this miracle on bluetooth
please let me know.
Also, where is best to get a USB data cable for Holux, Stateside is cheapest
for us in Ireland.
By the way, my friend managed to get my Holux back to factory settings by
lifting one leg of the internal battery. He felt that looking at the size of
the button battery it would last a month!
Certainly, 24 hours without the main battery did not bring it back.
Regards to all.


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