[Loadstone] Two Ideas for further version.

Gabriel Battaglia gabriele.battaglia at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 20:49:04 GMT 2006

Hello GPS walker!

I had a couple of new ideas for further implementation in Loadstone. Please, 
if you consider them worthy take them in consideration.

1. Have a special screen to surf all the entered points like in a ListView 
item. This will help everybody to find point in order to manage them easly. 
You may find point just going up and down with your Joystick and, once find 
the point you're looking for edit it as you like. This could be helpful if 
you have many points in your databases and you don't remember their names or 
where you have to look for in esploration mode.

2. Have the opportunity to save together paths (check point list) also 
parameters like min approach distance or time for alarm. This will be very 
usuful cause in certain route maybe pedestrian I would need a specific time 
to be advised, this time must be larger if I'm in a bus and larger and 
larger if I'm travelling on a train or a car.

Thanks for reading.


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