[Loadstone] Absolute or relative compass: suggestion.

Gabriel Battaglia gabriele.battaglia at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 21:28:55 GMT 2006

Hello everybody.
After Shawn explanation I understood this way on working for Loadstone. 
Shortly, if you setted the point direction as a clock face the joystick will 
use the compass related to your direction, so up will be in front of you, 
down will be at your back and so on.
Otherwise, setting the point direction shown in degrees or in cardinal both 
semplified or not, the Joystick uses the real compass, in other words up 
will be the real geographical north, down will pooint to the real south and 
so on.

I discuss today this feature with some other italian user of Loadstone and 
we all agree to suggest some alternative to programmers because this way, in 
our opinion could cause confusion and we think it could be improved a lot 
with just a simple solution I'm going to propose you.

So, this is not just my idea but thought and discuss on it with other 

We suggest you to let users free to set whatever they want to have as point 
direction, heading direction and explorer direction. In order to decide if 
the compas used by Loadstone must be relative to the header direction or 
absolute, you may add a switch to the option.

Just think, for example that if someone set the point direction as a clock 
face, when he/she stops somewhere, Loadstone passes from the relative 
compass to the absolute one as it hasn't more speed to check the direction. 
We agree it may cause a big mess in someone who's beginner. Moreover, I 
would use the degrees and the relative compass at the same time but I can't 
because these two options are related one to eachother.

What do you think about our request? What do the other Loadstoners think?



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