[Loadstone] Navigation mode gets me confused.

Ari Moisio arimo at netsonic.fi
Mon Nov 20 10:24:06 GMT 2006


  There could be so me easy way to select  type of direction information. 
When mobin relative direction is usually the best but when standing and 
gps has lost  heading information it would be  better to have cardinal 
direction (or degrees) instead of false relative direction.

  Maybe this functionality  could be tied to static threshold speed.


On Sun, 19 Nov 2006, Shawn Kirkpatrick wrote:

> This is the expected behaviour. This is because the cardinal directions are 
> absolute, north is north and 0 degrees is 0 degrees. This may or may not work 
> for you depending on your preference. The clock face method is probably what 
> most people will use, in that mode the direction is in relation to your 
> current heading. That's because 12 o'clock is straight in front of you so the 
> heading has to be taken in to account.
> On Sun, 19 Nov 2006, Gabriel Battaglia wrote:
>> Hi everybody.
>> I'm used to keep the following settings on my Loadstone.
>> Option\Settings\display settings
>> | show heading = degrees | heading  point = clock face | heading esplorer =
>> degrees |.
>> - Sorry if I did some mistake within the option's name but I'm using a
>> translated version here.
>> Well, when I'm in navigation mode moving in a certain direction I've 
>> noticed
>> that joystick runs with a relative positions. So, if I move it up, LS says
>> me the next point in front of me, in my heading direction. Obviously if I
>> move the joystick down I will know what point is the closiest behind me and
>> so on. I think this is the more logical way to use loadstone, the most
>> comprehensive.
>> On saturday morning I was riding my uncle's car and I dicided to change
>> settings of Loadstone moving the heading point from Clock face to degrees.
>> Back to the navigation mode I found out that things was changed and I felt 
>> a
>> bit confused. The joystick didn't work as it does before using my direction
>> to up and so on but it seems working with the absolute cardinal compass. At
>> that time I was riding beaming south (177°). I've tried to push the 
>> joystick
>> up and LS says me some of my point which are already passed behind us.
>> My question is... Is that possible?
>> Changing this option cause also loadstone different ways to output its
>> informations? Please try to do my same experience, change the point
>> direction from or into clock face and try to hang around.
>> Gabriel.
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