[Loadstone] No signal problem.

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Sat Nov 18 01:22:36 GMT 2006

You may be getting different results as the weather changes. This can effect 
gps signal. When you start the receiver make sure you're in a place where it 
can receive a signal. I've found that if you start a gps receiver in doors 
where it usually can't receive a signal then the chances of getting a signal 
even if you move out doors are pretty low. If you have this problem then try 
doing a cold start. Go to the gps menu, then the commands submenu, then 
select the cold start option. Your receiver should reset and start receiving 
a signal in a minute or two. This of course assumes you're in an area where 
you can receive a signal.

On Fri, 17 Nov 2006, Ronan McGuirk wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am using a Nokia 6600 with Loadstone and a Holux slim 236.  Initially this
> worked very well but recently I am getting the no signal problem a lot.
> When I switch on Holux and then run loadstone it regularly says no signal.
> Once it gets into a no signal problem the signal doesn't seem to come back.
> Switching off holux and re-booting the phone usually works.  I have noticed
> though that I need to re-boot the phone and wait for a least a minute before
> re-running loadstone otherwise it will just say no signal and it usually
> stays like this without a signal.
> What surprises me a bit is that it seems to have got a lot worse.  I haven't
> installed any different software or upgraded my loadstone version.  Is my
> battery degrading?  Is some memory filling up somewhere?  Have I set a
> setting incorrectly in LoadstoneAny ideas?
> Ronan
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> Subject: [Loadstone] No signal problem.
>> Hi all,
>> James problem has also been experienced by myself and others using the
>> Holux 236. I notice that sometimes I have a solid bluetooth connection
>> between the gps and the nokia phone. Yet I get "no signal" sometimes for
>> hours if left unattended. Rebooting the phone has no effect as Loadstone
>> still comes up with "no signal". Turning the gps off and then on again
>> does seem to cure the problem and after doing this yesterday Loadstone
>> reported 9 satellites! So there were plenty of sats around.
>> It looks like a drop in sync between the two.
>> I therefore recommend turning on the gps first and let it get a fix on
>> the sats before turning on the phone and loading up loadstone.
>> Regards
>> Aedan.
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