[Loadstone] DB Error: constraint violation

Gabriel Battaglia gabriele.battaglia at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 16:17:08 GMT 2006

Hi Shane,
    I just did what you suggested me.

I've erased all the data below headers of the relations table, than I tried 
to upload once more the file.
Here is what I had back from the server:
LoadStone PointShare - Importer

LoadStone PointShare


The following are results of your import.

Note: this import generated warnings. They are listed below with line 

x=3 y=6
Table New Entries Updated or unchanged point
29 0 type
0 0 cell
20 0 network
1 0 relation
0 0
w: (35) Permission denied for import of userid 19919
w: (39) Permission denied for import of userid 19919
What do these values mean? Was I able or not to upload something?

Thanks for clarifications.

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