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Thu Nov 16 13:11:33 GMT 2006

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> Tip:
> Someone the other day asked about deleted points remaining in the
> database. If you export to a text file and bring it up in Notepad these
> are marked as ,4, in the priority section on their relevant line and a
> simple search for ,4, and your id number, would allow you to find and
> delete these lines and tidy up your database in Notepad.
> Regards
> Aedan.
Why do not add a simple function directly in Loadstone to delete them 
definitively? So, LS may searchs for point marked as irrelevant and remove 
them from the database on user request.
I think it will be a good idea to mantain your database clean and usuful.

Other way could be this one.
The user would decide to export to a file only the deleted point. After this 
exportation proces LS will delete them from the main database and user can 
upload these deleted exported file to the PointShareExchange in order to 
have them removed also from there. It could act like a delete query in 
I suggesting that cause I think it's extremely usuless to keep cancelled 
point in the database..
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