[Loadstone] External Antenna Question

Rusty Perez rustys.lists at gmail.com
Wed Nov 15 14:27:23 GMT 2006

I've seen several antennas listed on ebay. Search for the type of
receiver you have along with antenna and you should come up with
I find that most antennas say they're for the top of a car so i don't
know if this would be useful to you. I don't really know how big they
I wonder whether the type of antenna used for satelite radio would
work. I have a friend with one of those and as I recall, it had a clip
on it, maybe suitable for clipping to one's clothes.


On 11/14/06, Shawn Kirkpatrick <shawn at odyssey.cm.nu> wrote:
> An external antenna may or may not solve your problem. You'll have to find a
> way to keep the antenna in a place where it will get a clear signal. Since
> the receiver isn't much different in size than the antenna it's probably
> just
> as easy to reposition the receiver. If you get an antenna one thing to watch
> for is the plug type. There seem to be at least two. I had an antenna for my
> holux receiver and it had an mcx connector. This doesn't fit my royaltek
> receiver thoe, the royaltek has a smaller connector. The receiver's manual
> doesn't seem to mention what type of connector it has.
> On Tue, 14 Nov 2006, Michael O. Hanson wrote:
> > Does anybody know where I can get an external antenna for a Royaltek
> RB2010
> > in the United States or in Minnesota?  I would prefer getting one in
> > Minnesota, since I live there but would be happy to order one in the US.
> It
> > has an external antenna port.
> >
> > If I wear a heavy jacket around tall buildings, I get some signal
> > distortion.  That can make things interesting.  Given winter in Minnesota,
> I
> > will probably do that quite a bit.
> >
> > Thank You,
> >
> >
> > Mike Hanson
> >
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