[Loadstone] Tracking observations

Aedan O'Meara aomeara at iol.ie
Tue Nov 14 12:16:59 GMT 2006

Hi team,
I am now using v0.65. I'm nearly afraid after the 0.64 problems to say
it is ok for a while yet, but it looks good.
I would like to discuss the following observations that I made today
whilst travelling to work by bus and on foot. 
Firstly, I have not been able to get any help in lowering the static
threshold in my Holux 236 gps below 4 kph. Therefore, autoannounce
ceases to work when walking in town as I dare not speed up to that or
else old ladies wil be flying in all directions! So, after leaving the
bus and walking down two streets to my workplace I get very little
action out of Loadstone. It will not even announce approaching checked
points as I approach them. 
This morning I accidently used the toggle to see what was ahead and to
my surprise it was showing the correct point ahead of me complete with
the approx distance to it. This distance was reducing as I approached.
So I checked the heading on key1 and it reported"last heading blah blah"
so my speed was under 4kph. Now i ask, why didn't Loadstone announce the
approaching points when they were progressing properly on the toggle up
I had the new static threshold setting set to "0". 
I had the autoannounce set on. 
When I speeded up my progress by striding forward fast in a safe place
the Autoannounce kicked in ok., but obviously it stopped when my walking
speed had to drop. 
Yet still on the toggle up key for ahead the next point was progressing
properly.  albeit a little more accurately after getting the new heading
from my speeded up burst. 
Is the ordinary approach alarm speed - related as well?
By the way I have now set max search distance to 50km.This should more
than cover Cork City. 

The min approach distance is 10m and the approach time is 10 sec. 
By the way, Monty, I keep forgetting to turn on the log to capture that
flurry of announcing of points to the side which is still occurring at
the beginning and also at the end of my bus journey in the city centre.
I will try to do this going home tonight!

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