[Loadstone] Working directory: small suggestion.

Gabriel Battaglia gabriele.battaglia at gmail.com
Sun Nov 12 23:27:35 GMT 2006

Hello all LS supporters and fan.
As you know, many new generation phones could be managed even via cable 
or bluetooth directly from the computer station. It is confortable to 
copy, cut, paste or edit file inside your mobile at the same way like 
you do in your hard drive, or in a flash pen.
Well, I could do that on my Nokia N70 for instance, and it's pritty good 
when I have to upload mp3 books before leaving for some days... But the 
PcSuite feature doesn't allow me to see all my phone directories or 
folders, some of them are hiden.
One of these hiden folder is System, like all its subfolders and it's 
exactly in system\apps\loadstone that it could be usuful for us to go in 
order to manage easyer our software! LOL.
Yeah, We have the powerful FExplorer which doesn't care about the hiden 
folders, but I think It will be a good idea to improve LS adding a 
feature like: Specify your working directory.
So, import/export could stay as a default but every user could decide to 
choose something different replacing it, for example, in a not hiden 
Moreover, if you have installed LS in the phone memory and the free 
space there start to seriously decrease, you may decide to set the 
working directory in the MMC moving there all your datas, without moving 
the whole loadstone, why not?

What do you think about this?

Thanks for reading.


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