[Loadstone] Loadstone user demographics

Miranda miranda.woudstra at wanadoo.nl
Fri Nov 10 17:57:50 GMT 2006

Hi Monty,

I'm only using Loadstone for a couple of weeks now, and until now I haven't 
added any points to the pointshare exchange database, because the points I 
have created can hardly be of interest to anybody else than me. They are 
mainly small things like street corners that help me to find my way in my 
little town. But I also have a few railway stations of bigger cities in the 
Netherlands, and also the shopping mall in my village. And I will surely 
upload those when I think I have a reasonable amount of points that others 
might be interested in.
By the way, is there a way to export only a selected collection of points, 
to put only those into the pointshare database?


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> Hello All,
> In case anyone is wondering where Loadstone GPS is being used the
> following list may enlighten.  The data was compiled by analysing  web
> download traffic which could be completely inaccurate but does paint a bit
> of a picture!
> Unfortunately the Point Share Exchange data does not mirror these
> findings.  If we share our points everyone will benefit!  If you do not
> use the Point Share Exchange please let us know why via the list.  If the
> interface is too difficult or if you have a suggestion on another way to
> share points let us know and we'll look into it!
> The following statistics estimate that Loadstone is being used in 34
> countries...
> Loadstone GPS usership breakdown:
> United States: 26%
> United Kingdom: 19%
> Poland: 14%
> Netherlands: 8%
> Italy: 6%
> Canada: 4%
> Australia: 2%
> Ireland: 2%
> Other countries with 1% or less of the usership include:
> Albania
> Belgium
> Cyprus
> Czek Republic
> Denmark
> Finland
> France
> Germany
> Greece
> Hungary
> India
> Jordan
> New Zealand
> Norway
> Philippines
> Portugal
> Romania
> Slovak Republic
> South Africa
> Spain
> Sweden
> Switzerland
> Thailand
> Trinidad and Tobago
> Turkey
> United Arab Emirates
> best regards,
>   Monty
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