[Loadstone] Serious database problem with v0.64

Miranda miranda.woudstra at wanadoo.nl
Fri Nov 10 08:10:27 GMT 2006

I'm losing points again as well, but I'm not sure if this is because I set 
my phone language back to Dutch, my native language, after installing 0.64.
With 0.63 I had to set my phone to English because of a problem with the 
decimal separator in other languages, but, as the release notes of 0.64 say 
that this problem is fixed now, I thought I could safely go back to Dutch.
But now I lose points again, and apparently I'm not the only one, so perhaps 
this time it isn't the language issue that causes the problem.
I think I will go back to English and see if my points still disappear or 
not, and I will report as soon as I know more.

Kind regards,

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>I also lost some datas this way.
> I though it was because of my system error "-1". Don't know... but LS
> losts some points I have added yesterday.
> I'm using the 0.64.0 on a N70 Nokia last firmware.
> Gabriel.
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