[Loadstone] Serious database problem with v0.64

Aedan O'Meara aomeara at iol.ie
Thu Nov 9 15:15:10 GMT 2006

Hi Shawn,
I discovered today that there is an even more serious problem with
Yesterday I made about ten new points around Cork city centre for Ronan
McGuirk and last night I exported my database to a text file called
"cork.txt". Fine.
I then turned off the phone for the night and this morning on the way in
to work i couldn't understand where my new points had gone to. They were
no where to be found even without any route loaded and searching with
the "Find checkpoint" option. 
I have exported to a text file again this time named "cork2.txt" and
upon examining both files in Notepad, I find that the first file, which
was made before turning off the phone, had all my new points and the
corrections to old ones, whereas the new file"cork2.txt" which is now
the current database, had lost all these and also had none of my
corrections to old points. It looks as though v0.64 is not writing to
the mem card at all. 
I also noted that in Notepad both files have a "blank" line at about
three places at random, however, if I delete the carriage return a line
of text belonging to another point is unhidden.
Has anyone else this problem?

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