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Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Thu Nov 9 02:14:48 GMT 2006

The lower the accuracy number the better.
The static threshold is to help prevent heading drift at low speeds. This 
value should be set low, if at all. If you're using the system for walking 
then a setting of about 3 or 4 should be the maximum.
It isn't really possible to convert from other map formats. This is because 
those map formats are proprietary and aren't available without licensing 

On Wed, 8 Nov 2006, Gabriel Battaglia wrote:

>> Hello to everybody.
>> My name is Gabriel, I'm totally blind and I live in the North East of
>> Italy.
>> A few hours ago I just discovered this beautiful Loadstone 0.64.0
>> software and now I'm super interested on it.
>> I have many question to do and I really wish to talk to someone who's
>> more expert than me... which is not hard to be I guess LOL.
>> I already install it on my Nokia N70, linked it to my GPS receiver and
>> did first experiments.
>> I'm going to post here some questions hoping to not bothering anybody,
>> if it's so, please accept all my apologize and believe I will used to
>> this list behaviour in few time.
>> 1. What's the accuracy worth? Is it better when it's small or big? I'm
>> having now 2.9, is it right? (4 sats)
>> 2. What's about threshold? Now I setted a value of 40 but I haven't
>> got any changes in the signal receiving. What do you suggest me to
>> keep it?
>> 3. Is it possible to convert into a Loadstone compatible format others
>> maps own by Route66 or TomTom?
>> 4. Is there any else italian subscribers here to talk and exchange
>> experience with via the call?
>> 5. Is there someone here who is agree to contact me via the skype in
>> order to asking some questions directly?
>> 6. Why Loadstone is telling me I'm at 65 meters up to the sea level,
>> with a vertical accuracy of 4.5, even if I'm just 4 or 5 meter high?
>> 7. When I tried to save a point I've got an error from my O.S. "System
>> error -1", by the way the point was saved the same. Why?
>> 8. In the GPS menu, what indicates the voices like Hot start, warm
>> start and cold start?
>> Thank you very very much for your reallly apprecciated clarifications.
>> Greetings.
>> GabryB.
>> Add me to your MSN contact: siddharta33 at hotmail.com
>> or to your Skype Software using: gabriel_battaglia
>>    enjoy playing chess on http://gameknot.com, looking for Siddharta33
>> over there.
>> Thank you! Live Long and Prosper.
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