[Loadstone] First post.

Gabriel Battaglia gabriele.battaglia at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 22:42:24 GMT 2006

> Hello to everybody.
> My name is Gabriel, I'm totally blind and I live in the North East of 
> Italy.
> A few hours ago I just discovered this beautiful Loadstone 0.64.0 
> software and now I'm super interested on it.
> I have many question to do and I really wish to talk to someone who's 
> more expert than me... which is not hard to be I guess LOL.
> I already install it on my Nokia N70, linked it to my GPS receiver and 
> did first experiments.
> I'm going to post here some questions hoping to not bothering anybody, 
> if it's so, please accept all my apologize and believe I will used to 
> this list behaviour in few time.
> 1. What's the accuracy worth? Is it better when it's small or big? I'm 
> having now 2.9, is it right? (4 sats)
> 2. What's about threshold? Now I setted a value of 40 but I haven't 
> got any changes in the signal receiving. What do you suggest me to 
> keep it?
> 3. Is it possible to convert into a Loadstone compatible format others 
> maps own by Route66 or TomTom?
> 4. Is there any else italian subscribers here to talk and exchange 
> experience with via the call?
> 5. Is there someone here who is agree to contact me via the skype in 
> order to asking some questions directly?
> 6. Why Loadstone is telling me I'm at 65 meters up to the sea level, 
> with a vertical accuracy of 4.5, even if I'm just 4 or 5 meter high?
> 7. When I tried to save a point I've got an error from my O.S. "System 
> error -1", by the way the point was saved the same. Why?
> 8. In the GPS menu, what indicates the voices like Hot start, warm 
> start and cold start?
> Thank you very very much for your reallly apprecciated clarifications.
> Greetings.
> GabryB.
> Add me to your MSN contact: siddharta33 at hotmail.com
> or to your Skype Software using: gabriel_battaglia
>    enjoy playing chess on http://gameknot.com, looking for Siddharta33 
> over there.
> Thank you! Live Long and Prosper. 

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