[Loadstone] Nokia GPS Bluetooth

Rusty Perez rustys.lists at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 17:29:52 GMT 2006

Your message was fully of some sort of code so it was difficult to read.
I use my nokia 6682 with a holux gps unit. Yes, I cary the gps
receiver in a pocket in my jeans or of my backpack.
It takes a little doing, but it's certainlyu not difficult and it
works as intended.
It'll get you to within a few meters of where you want to go. As one
person said it, it'll get you to the buildingk, you've got to find the

On 11/5/06, Jim Prather <jprather at ameritech.net> wrote:
> Has anyone used Loadstone with Nokia's Bluetooth GPS application?  If so,
> how successful was it.
>     Question in General:  When you use a GPS with Loadstone, are you
> carrying both the receiver and the phone separately?  Thanks.
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