[Loadstone] Further clarification of problems

Monty Lilburn monty at loadstone-gps.com
Fri Nov 3 15:26:07 GMT 2006

Hello Aedan,

We are currently looking into various aspects of the approach function and 
will take your comments into consideration when testing.  If we were to 
make the approach field configurable it may help your problem.  I 
personally have my Min Approach Distance set to 10 which is more in line 
with GPS accuracy specifications but hey, it's really all down to tweeking 
the settings until they work for you!

If you would like to log your route - choose Options/File/StartLogging at 
the beginning of your bus journey and choose Options/File/StopLogging at 
the end, then send me the resulting log file (found in your phones 
Loadstone directory tree) along with your database I can take a look. 
This might greatly assist us with figguring out exactly what isn't working 

The Static Threshold setting in Loadstone does not do anything to your 
actual GPS receiver.  It just attempts to make Loadstone ignore any 
speed/heading data your receiver sends when the speed according to your 
receiver is below the threshold.  This kind of simulates the Static 
Navigation feature built in to Star III GPS receivers.  This is so you do 
not need to have Static Navigation turned on on your receiver.

If you wanted to share your points with someone else, go to 
Options/File/Export and create a text file containing your points.  Then, 
copy them to the other person's phone and have them use 
Options/File/Import.  Your points won't whipe out your friend's unless the 
point was identical in Lon/Lat which isn't likely with 7 decimal places. 
If it was identical it would see this as a duplicate and would not import 
that particular point.

Best regards,

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