[Loadstone] how gps works

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Fri Nov 3 09:40:28 GMT 2006

Your gps receiver sends updated data once per second. This means that if 
you're moving and then stop you could have up to a second before your gps 
receiver sends that information to loadstone. There's also lag time from the 
gps satellites to your receiver, and possible processing lag from loadstone 
itself. These things are hard to measure exactly. When marking a point it's 
best to stand still for a few seconds to let the position stableize if 

On Thu, 2 Nov 2006, Rusty Perez wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I'm still trying to understand how gps works and the problem of drivt.
> So, a few questions.
> Is it possible that loadstone is a few steps behind me? Here's what I
> mean. As I travel and then reach a given point, I notice that when I
> stop and immediately ask loadstone where I am, or how fast I'm going,
> it might say I'm 7 yards from where I actually am, then 5 then 3, but
> I'm standing still the entire time. So is loadstone catching up on a
> streem of data coming from the gps receiver? Is this lack because of a
> slow gps receiver? Or is it because I'm trying to do a complex task
> with a very small computer?
> If this is the case, then does it make sense, if I've stopped to mark
> a waypoint, to mark the location from "current position" rather than
> from beginning? This makes sense to me be4ause hopefully, by the time
> I've entered the name,  loadstone has caught up to the streem of data.
> Does this make sense?
> Thanks!
> Rusty
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