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Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Fri Nov 3 09:31:57 GMT 2006

Thanks for your suggestions.
Having points automatically announced without having to check them would be 
nice but unfortunately probably won't happen any time soon. This is because 
the database engine on the phone is crap. There's no better way to put this. 
Depending on the speed of the phone and size of the database a query can 
take from almost no time to multiple seconds to complete. Having those kinds 
of queries going on in the background would make the program very 
unresponsive and be very hard on the phone's battery power. There's two 
possible solutions to this problem, more computing power on the phone or a 
better database engine. As time goes on the phones will get more computing 
power, we just have to wait long enough. The best solution would be a better 
database engine. So far I haven't been able to find one. We need a free, 
open source, database engine that'll run on series 60 phones. If anyone 
knows of such a thing let me know.
As for a verbosity setting, that may be possible. The trick with that is 
figuring out what the levels should be and what should be said when.

On Thu, 2 Nov 2006, Rusty Perez wrote:

> In the spirit of making loadstone better, I'd like to describe how I'm
> currently using loadstone and make some suggestions.
> I am a new user, and, as such, am probably not getting the full
> functionality yet.
> I've been using it to "take a look around" as I travel. I am fortunate
> enough to live in the US so I've got lots of street data. As I ride
> the bus around, or ride in a friends car, I am constantly querying
> loadstone for my position. I want to know what streets I'm coming up
> to. As such, it would be nice to have a feature which announces
> upcoming waypoints. I don't mean that I'd like to check a bunch of
> points and have loadstone announce them. I'd like it to announce
> streets as I aproach them, just like a sighted person might see a
> sign. I'm imagining the way a driver looks ahead to see what's coming
> up. At a certain point, a street sign will come in to the driver's
> field of vision. So, maybe we could have a setting which will announce
> points you approach at a given distance, which are at a given heading.
> This way, if I tell it to announce new points as I approach them at
> 12:00, it will tell me each street I approach as soon as it sees it at
> 12:00.
> I think what I'm saying here is that there might be times when I want
> to mark a point and be alerted as I approach it, and there are other
> times when I want to know what I'm approaching as I approach it even
> if I haven't marked it.
> Some suggestions for reducing verbosity. How about if the verbosity is
> reduced. Instead of saying nine o'clock there aught to be a setting
> where loadstone just says Main street at Lincoln Ave. at 9.
> Thanks for reading this!
> Rusty
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