[Loadstone] suggestions

Rusty Perez rustys.lists at gmail.com
Fri Nov 3 07:09:08 GMT 2006

In the spirit of making loadstone better, I'd like to describe how I'm
currently using loadstone and make some suggestions.

I am a new user, and, as such, am probably not getting the full
functionality yet.
I've been using it to "take a look around" as I travel. I am fortunate
enough to live in the US so I've got lots of street data. As I ride
the bus around, or ride in a friends car, I am constantly querying
loadstone for my position. I want to know what streets I'm coming up
to. As such, it would be nice to have a feature which announces
upcoming waypoints. I don't mean that I'd like to check a bunch of
points and have loadstone announce them. I'd like it to announce
streets as I aproach them, just like a sighted person might see a
sign. I'm imagining the way a driver looks ahead to see what's coming
up. At a certain point, a street sign will come in to the driver's
field of vision. So, maybe we could have a setting which will announce
points you approach at a given distance, which are at a given heading.
This way, if I tell it to announce new points as I approach them at
12:00, it will tell me each street I approach as soon as it sees it at

I think what I'm saying here is that there might be times when I want
to mark a point and be alerted as I approach it, and there are other
times when I want to know what I'm approaching as I approach it even
if I haven't marked it.

Some suggestions for reducing verbosity. How about if the verbosity is
reduced. Instead of saying nine o'clock there aught to be a setting
where loadstone just says Main street at Lincoln Ave. at 9.

Thanks for reading this!

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