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Fri Nov 3 02:13:22 GMT 2006

Hi Aeden,

In addition to Shawn's reply I would like to add that Loadstone GPS is 
still very much a work in progress. The announce heading and distance 
feature was requested by a user and so it was implemented. If other users 
find it too much of information we might make it an option. It's the users 
that make Loadstone just as much as the developers. Please understand that 
supplying the appropriate information based on such little data as 
direction and position is challenging. With the help of users we'll be able 
to find the compromise between too much and too little navigational 
information, filter out data that is only confusing and in the end come up 
with the (almost) perfect tool. I've noticed the 'delete and stay' issue, 
we're looking in to it. I also think that 'looking ahead' could be better 
implenented, but understand that defining a 'look ahead' area isn't the 
easiest thing to do. After all, all that we have is the data that comes out 
of the receiver. So please keep us informed on your progress, your 
comments, complaints and don't hesitate to tell us your experiences with 
Loadstone GPs. I think that's the only way to reach our destination.

Rob Melchers

At 11/2/2006, you wrote:
>We'll look into the point deleting problem. When a point is deleted it's
>actually just flagged as deleted, not actually removed from the database.
>This is so points can be deleted from the point share site as well. The
>program should be ignoring deleted points.
>As for your checkpoint announcing problem, if you're having points announced
>a mile away then you probably have the settings wrong or you're traveling at
>120 mph. For best results the min approach distance should be set to 10
>(it's in meters, about 30 feet) and the approach time should be set to 30
>(seconds). The other problem you may be having is if you have the auto
>announce feature turned on. This isn't needed to have checkpoints
>automatically announced as you approach. The auto announce feature will just
>announce the checkpoint you're approaching at intervals. The time between
>announcements will decrease as you get closer.
>A route mode (where a list of points is followed in sequence) is planned, we
>just have to figure out how it's going to work.
>On Thu, 2 Nov 2006, Aedan O'Meara wrote:
> > Hi Team,
> > I am using the new v0.64 for a week now and while in total it looks
> > good, I have noticed that when I delete unwanted or faulty points they
> > re-appear when I open Loadstone at a later date.
> > At first I thought I had not deleted all unwanted points as you can miss
> > them if only using the numberic keys to find them.
> > So, I used the find option and carefully deleted a particular point. I
> > doubled checked with the find option that it and all others with that
> > name were gone.
> > Lo and behold, it was back when I turned on the program again!
> > Anyone have this problem?
> > It is not just happening to one point.
> > Also, is there any way to return to announcing the name of an
> > approaching point without the bearing and distance, i e could this be
> > optional? I find it distracting when I am trying to catch the name of my
> > location in noisy surroundings such as a bus.
> >
> > Finally, Monty suggested to me that I adjust the min approach distance
> > and time etc to try and prevent the eroneous announcing of checked
> > points, often up to a mile away from my route but on a parallel road,
> > but to no avail.
> > I think that a function to only call a list of checked points in serial
> > order is the only way to clean this up.
> > I know that the present method is probably cleverly designed to give you
> > all found points in emergency. The other suggestion is that Loadstone
> > should not announce found checked points that are below nine oclock or
> > below three oclock, as these points would be behind your travel
> > direction.
> > Regards to all,
> > Aedan O'Meara.
> >
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