[Loadstone] a suggestion for a future release

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yes that's the message i get "the gps clocks seems to have stopped ticking, 

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> Hello.
> This could probably be implemented but if things are working propperly it
> shouldn't be needed. If your gps keeps disconnecting it might be a problem
> with the phone or the gps unit or maybe you've hit a bug in the code.
> Sometimes this can be caused by interference from other electronic
> equipment. Maybe do a google search and see if there's any reported 
> problems
> with your phone and bluetooth or with your particular gps unit. The gps
> disconnecting is not a normal behaviour. When this happens it'll say that
> the gps clock has stopped ticking, disconnecting. Don't confuse this with
> the no signal message, that happens if you have no gps signal but the
> bluetooth connection is fine.
> There's one other thing you can try, go in to the gps menu, then go to
> commands, and go to power saving off and select it. Maybe the unit isn't
> sending packets fast enough or something.
> Shawn
> On Sat, 29 Jul 2006, chaman wrote:
>> hello,
>> i am using a murcury bt 001 with the loadstone software and the receiver 
>> keeps on disconnecting so in future could there be a short cut key to 
>> connect to your default gps reciever?
>> that way you would not have to go into the menus to connect to the gps.
>> hth
>> Chaman
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