[Loadstone] Recommended BT GPS Receiver

David Tanner david-tanner at peoplepc.com
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Well, I don't claim to be an expert on receivers, but I do have experience with the Royal Tech RBT2110 and the GlobalSat 338.  Both are nice receivers, and both are very light weight, no more than a couple of ounces.  The Royal Tech is my favorite of the two.  While both are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand; the Global Sat 338 has a push button to turn the unit on.  The button does not click and stay in, so as soon as you release it it comes back out.  There is no tone or any other kind of signal to let you know that the unit is on or that it has been turned off.  For a blind person that could mean thinking the unit has been turned off, but it really is on and running down the battery.

The Royal Tech has a sliding power switch which is pushed up toward the top when it is turned off, and pushed down toward the bottom when it is turned on.  It is easy enough to just feel the switch and know whether the unit is on or off.  It also seems that the Royal Tech has a tendency to be just a bit faster finding satelites.  But both seem to be about equally responsive when moving around either walking or in a car.

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: All -
: Please can someone recommend a bluetooth receiver.  I read the tested 
: receivers on the site, but it is difficult to baseline the aesthetics of 
: the various receivers without actually getting my hands on them.
: The key criteria include:
: A:) Dependability
: B:) Lightweight and compact size
: C:) Durability
: Basically, I want the best tiny GPS receiver I can find -- I have never 
: even seen a bluetooth GPS receiver, so I am not sure about the general 
: size.
: Many thanks,
: Chad
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