[Loadstone] a suggestion for a future release

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Sun Jul 30 01:10:50 BST 2006

This could probably be implemented but if things are working propperly it 
shouldn't be needed. If your gps keeps disconnecting it might be a problem 
with the phone or the gps unit or maybe you've hit a bug in the code. 
Sometimes this can be caused by interference from other electronic 
equipment. Maybe do a google search and see if there's any reported problems 
with your phone and bluetooth or with your particular gps unit. The gps 
disconnecting is not a normal behaviour. When this happens it'll say that 
the gps clock has stopped ticking, disconnecting. Don't confuse this with 
the no signal message, that happens if you have no gps signal but the 
bluetooth connection is fine.
There's one other thing you can try, go in to the gps menu, then go to 
commands, and go to power saving off and select it. Maybe the unit isn't 
sending packets fast enough or something.


On Sat, 29 Jul 2006, chaman wrote:

> hello,
> i am using a murcury bt 001 with the loadstone software and the receiver keeps on disconnecting so in future could there be a short cut key to connect to your default gps reciever?
> that way you would not have to go into the menus to connect to the gps.
> hth
> Chaman

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