[Loadstone] A few questions

Raymond Jansen r.jansen at wanadoo.nl
Sat Jul 29 13:40:03 BST 2006


My horizontal signal accuracy is most of the time 1m, and the vertical 
signal accuracy 2m. Is this normal?
And how does Loadstone calculates this information? Is this due to the 
information of Waas/Egnos? Or simply from a table that says if your GPS 
receives signals from x satellites, then you will have a accuracy of x m.

Is there a way to see if Waas/Egnos is being used for the accuracy? Is this 
perhaps the function of the 3 key while in navigation mode? This key always 
tells me that I have a GPS fix. Does it tell me when I do have a Waas/Egnos 

Can there be a function implemented to delete already saved personal points?



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