[Loadstone] Problem with explore mode

Monty Lilburn monty at loadstone-gps.com
Fri Jul 28 11:15:30 BST 2006

Hi Ari,

Thanks for all of the testing you are doing.  It is really appreciated!

Would it be possible for you to send me the coordinates of the points you 
mentioned in your last message?  I can't understand your graph and it will 
help me understand what you mean.

I think the problem you have identified is the fact that the joystick only 
has 4 possible directions while the keys on the keypad have 8.

Feel free to send the coordinates privately (off list) if you do not want 
your coordinates known to the world!


On Fri, 28 Jul 2006, Ari Moisio wrote:

> Hi
>  Here is tart of my route, sorry for  ascii graph:
>        North
>                     E
>      D        C
>     A         B
> Route from A to D  is clear but when i attempt in point D explore to poin
> E it could not be found with joystick; rigth returns point C and up
> returns 'no waypoint found'. With number 3 i can of course move to  point
> E 'in the dark'.
>   One solution would be to have a scrollable list of nearby waypoints
> sorted by distance  starting from nearest. This list would display
> distance and direction to each waypoint and user can  move to that
> waypoint  with one keypress.
>  --
> arimo
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