[Loadstone] problems with royaltek rbt2010

Monty Lilburn monty at loadstone-gps.com
Wed Jul 26 20:30:18 BST 2006

Hello Tasha,

Sorry to hear that you are having difficulties with SirfDemo.  Even when 
you do establish connectivity between the GPS receiver and your computer, 
SirfDemo isn't the most screen reader friendly program around - at least 
not with Jaws.

Regarding connectivity, I'm afraid the only way to connect most GPS 
receivers to your computer is via a Bluetooth connection.  Most desktop 
computers do not come with Built-in Bluetooth capabilities and you do 
indeed need to buy a USB Bluetooth dongle.  Sometimes laptops will have 
built-in bluetooth so if you can find someone with one of these that can 
be a help.

Before going down the road of buying a USB Bluetooth dongle we can 
probably tell if your RBT-2010 has Static Navigation set to on or off.  It 
is my understanding that All recent RBT-2010 receivers come with static 
Navigation switched off but although probable it isn't necessarily a 

Please try the following and let us know your results.

Go outside, switch your GPS receiver on, and launch Loadstone.  Once 
you are connected wait until Loadstone tells you that you've acquired a 

At this point note the number of satellites you've locked on to. 
Also,press the 2 key and note your horizontal accuracy.  Then, standing 
still press the Select key in the middle of your joystick every 10 seconds 
or so (over lets say a minute) and note the results - the distance from 
where you are standing still to your nearest point.  Has the number 
changed over the minute?

Next,  situate yourself a fair distance away from a point you have 
created with Loadstone launched and making sure you have acquired a GPS 
satellite lock.  Then, begin walking towards yyour target and press the 
select key (middle of joystick) every 10 seconds or so and see if the 
numerical value generally gets smaller or at the very least changes.

The last thing you can try that will allow the development team to look at 
your particular situation is to create a log and repeat the above steps. 
To begin logging your GPS activity go to Options/File/Start logging. and 
press select.  To stop logging go to Options/File/Stop Logging and press 
select.  You'll then have a file in the Loadstone directory called 
nmea.log.  In order to beam nmea.log back to your computer you will have 
to use infrared if you don't have Bluetooth.  Then send the log to monty 
at loadstone-gps.com and we will analyse  your log and try and figgure out 
if your GPS receiver is behaving correctly.  If you do not know how to 
transfer files from your phone to your computer  let us know and we will 
try and help.

I imagine you are a bit frustrated right now.  Let me assure you, there is 
a bit of a learning curve at first, you need to get a feel of how your GPS 
receiver works, how Loadstone works and what you can expect from each in 
various situations.  You will get there eventually and GPS navigation will 
make a difference soon enough!


  On Wed, 26 Jul 2006, Tasha Raella 
Chemel wrote:

> Okay, Now I'm starting to doubt whether I have bluetooth at all, since I
> can't seem to find any options for it in the control panel. If I dont' have
> bluetooth, is there no way to change this setting? should I buy an external
> bluetooth adapter? i'd hate to spend that much money, only to find that
> static navigations was off to begin with.
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