[Loadstone] problems with royaltek rbt2010

Monty Lilburn monty at loadstone-gps.com
Wed Jul 26 13:02:17 BST 2006

Hi Tasha,

I'm glad you are now able to get a signal and are now able to begin 
learning how the program works.

To expand upon what Shawn said, accuracy really does depend on a number of 

-satellites in view
-urban conditions such as buildings, trees, obstructions
-occasionally current speed of travel

Most Bluetooth GPS receivers have an accuracy between 3 and 15 metres. 
Normally this figure tends to be closer to  3 than to 15 but your GPS 
manual should state what you should be able to expect.

Think of marking a point this way.  You are in the centre of a large field 
and you create a point.  Your GPS receiver manual states that you can 
expect to achieve an accuracy of 8 metres.
The 8 metres radiates from your created point in every direction forming a 
circle.  This means any time you enter this virtual circle, you are as 
close to your created point as you're going to get.

30 metres is very close in GPS terms.  IN order to really see the power of 
GPS, try approaching your created point from a greater distance.

This is not to say it won't work for close distances, you just have to be 
able to interpret the feedback your GPS receiver and Loadstone gives you. 
This takes practice and experimentation.

To test the route mode, go for a walk - creating relevant points no less 
than  100 metres or so apart.  (don't worry if your route is a straight 

When you're finished your walk, go into Exploration mode and trace your 
route - marking each point with the star key as you go.

Then, press SoftKey1 to enter the options menu and arrow down to File and 
press select.  Then arrow down to Save Point List and press select.  Enter 
a meaningful name for this route and press select.

Then, to use the route, use SoftKey1 to enter the options menu, arrow down 
to File, and press select.  Then, arrow to Load Point List and press 
select.  Choose the file containing the route you just saved and press 

Then, making sure you are in Navigation mode, turn route mode on in the 
functions menu and follow your route buy using the joystick.

I hope this helps and please keep us posted on your progress.

Best regards,

On Wed, 26 Jul 2006, Tasha Raella Chemel wrote:

> Ok, Now I'm getting some signal, but my receiver isn't at all accurate. I
> know it's suppose to be accurate to about ten meters, but when I walked
> about 30 meters (and even after I arrived at my destination!) it was still
> saying "crossley, 8 meters to the south." also, route mode isn't present in
> the functions menu, just exploration and navigation modes.
> thanks,
> tasha
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>> It sounds like your receiver is connected, but that you aren't finding any
>> satelites.  I have gotten that message a couple of times, but when I got
>> outside away from the building it was picking up fine.  I have the same
>> receiver, and it works great with Loadstone.
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>> Subject: [Loadstone] problems with royaltek rbt2010
>> Hi, i'm havigng trouble connecting my rbt 2010 to my cell phone. when i
>> ask my cell phone to find my gps receiver, it says something like
>> "bluetooth d038" (i can't figure out how to get mobilespeak to spell it.
>> then, when I try to connect, it says "no signal" Sometimes it appears to
>> be connected, because there is a disconnect gps option in the  gps menu.
>> my phone has also been able to tell me the time according to my gps
>> receiver, and the number of satellites in my area, but when i ask it to
>> give me my long an lat positions, nothing happens. I can't tell whether my
>> gps receiver is really connected. Also, I tried to create a waypoint (my
>> dorm at school) but after I entered the information, it was still saying
>> no waypoints found. what kind of information is required in order to
>> create a waypoint? any help with either of these issues would be greatly
>> apreciated.
>> tasha
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